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Welcome to the Grand Canyons Region, so named because all of the canyons in this region are GRAND! If outdoor adventure and scenery is what you are looking for, then you cannot find another place like this anywhere in the world. You will enjoy these major attractions (listed below), within close proximity of each other along with an enviable-list of other great attractions. This is your next vacation destination and we invite you to explore this web-site as you plan your multi-day experience. There's more to do here than can be accomplished in just one week, but go ahead and give it a try. You'll be back for more!


  • National Parks and Recreation
  • Bryce Canyon National Park, Bryce Canyon
  • 435-834-5322


Bryce Canyon, only a hour and a half from Kanab, offers an amazing world of rock sculpted into spectacular ten-story sized sedimentary pillars. 50 million years on the making, this series of amphitheaters has been sculpted into bizarre shapes, slot canyons, windows, fins, and surprising colorful spires called "hoodoos".  The surreal formations make up a “fairyland” of mystical castles, temples and elegant structures of stone. You can enjoy the canyon on a 37-mile scenic drive or explore the wonders of Bryce on foot from numerous trails. Visiting nearby Bryce Canyon National Park is easy from Cannonville. After spending time in Bryce Canyon, drive 9 miles east to Red Canyon.


  • National Parks and Recreation
  • Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon
  • 928-638-7888


Kane County serves as the “Gateway to The North Rim of the Grand Canyon”. A scenic 80-miles drive from Kanab, through the beautiful Kaibab National Forest, brings you to the edge of the giant 225 mile rift in the Earth’s surface: The Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon overwhelms the senses through its immense size and inspiring landscapes. This National Park is one of the world’s premier natural attractions; but because of its remoteness, the North Rim hosts only 10% of the annual 5 million international visitors. Thus, the North Rim offers a very different, more personal experience: Solitude, a slower pace, and the feeling of going back in time. Kick back in the comfy rockers on the patio of the historic North Rim Lodge, venture out on Bright Angel Point to peer into the mile-deep bowls of the Canyon, or take mule ride down to the Mighty Colorado River, to meet the actual artist who sculpted this magnificent Canyon.


  • National Parks and Recreation
  • Glen Canyon NRA, Page
  • 928-608-6200


Over 2,000 miles of coastline swing in and out of finger canyons on this magnificent lake within the Glen Canyon National Recreation area.


  • National Parks and Recreation
  • Zion National Park, Springdale
  • 435-772-3256


Towering cliffs formations are around every bend of the road or trail in Zion National Park. Trip Advisor just indicated that it is the #1 National Park in the United States.

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