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Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Just 15 minutes away

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Entrance Sign

Let your love of animals lead you on an adventure...

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary sits on thousands of acres of exquisite landscape in breathtaking Angel Canyon, just 5 miles north of Kanab, UT. It is a home-between-homes to around 1,700 animals - cats and dogs, horses and pigs, birds and bunnies - on any given day. Here, the animals receive love, attention, expert medical care and training, and most important, the opportunity to find families of their own.

10 things to do at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

  1. Tour - Take a free guided tour of the nation's largest animal sanctuary.
  2. Stay the night - Guest cottages, cabins and RV sites are available on the Sanctuary grounds.
  3. Dine - Enjoy delicious vegetarian cuisine while taking in the stunning view of Angel Canyon.
  4. Volunteer - Spend time in one of the many animal areas: dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, horses or barnyard animals.
  5. Learn - Attend an animal demonstration, such as a demo of Parelli Natural Horsemanship. A variety of workshops and internships are also available, but require registration in advance.
  6. Shop - Browse the Best Friends gift shop.
  7. Relax - Visit Angels Landing, a lush and tranquil natural amphitheater.
  8. Meditate - Take a meditative walk through Angels Rest, a pet cemetery unlike any other.
  9. Hike and explore - Explore the many onsite hiking trails and walking paths.
  10. Adopt - And, of course, adopt your new best friend!

Come learn more about southern Utah's best-kept secret. For more information, please visit or call (435) 644-2001. 


The animals and the canyon are waiting!