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Dixie National Forest

Rock Tunnel in the Dixie National Forest

The Dixie National Forest consists of four sections of forest in southwestern Utah. Two of these section are part of the Grand Canyons region near Bryce Canyon National Park and Cedar Breaks National Monument. In its entirety the Dixie National Forest encompasses almost two million acres and is the largest national forest in Utah.

Sections of the forest range in altitude (from 4,000 feet to over 11,322 ft.) and this plays a large role in the diverse terrain of this unique area. Foliage In the lower altitudes consists of desert-loving plants and sagebrush. The mid-range altitude is the home of pinyon pine and juniper trees. In the highest elevations pine, aspen and spruce trees comprise the landscape.

The Dixie National Forest offer great hiking trails that include terrain in slot canyons and high alpine areas. Anazasi ruins, caves and lava fields are some of the more unusual sights to see in this forest region which is an excellent place for camping, mountain biking, horseback riding and photography.

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